Written By: Law offices of Zoller | Biacsi

The dissolution hearing is the final step in the process of dissolving a marriage. Agreements have been reached through counsel or mediation, and the hearing simply puts the agreements into place, making them legally enforceable.  Prior to the hearing, you will have reviewed the Judgment Entry. This is the document that the Court will sign incorporating your agreements and adopting them as a court order. If there are children, both spouses will be required to attend a Parenting Seminar, and it must be attended prior to the hearing. If you receive a certificate of attendance, you will want to provide that to your attorney prior to the hearing so she can file it with the Court.

At the final hearing, you and your spouse will be sworn in and then questioned. The questions are simple and you should know the answers to them. Do not worry if you forget simple answers, such as dates of births, your attorney will be able to ask the question in a way that will help you. As sample of the questions you may be asked are below:

Questions that will be asked of you

· Your name

· Your address

· Date of Marriage

· How long were you a resident of the State of Ohio and the County prior to filing the Petition of Dissolution

· Do you have any children and, if so, their names and dates of births

· Are you currently pregnant

· Did you provide full and complete disclosure of your assets and liabilities

· Do you believe your spouse did as well

· Do you understand the Separation Agreement

· Do you want the Court to adopt your Agreement

· Do you believe the terms of the Parenting Plan to be in the best interests of your children

· Do you want the Court to adopt your Parenting Plan

· Are you requesting that the Court dissolve your marriage

· Do you want to return to your maiden name

Your attorney’s office will provide you with a certified copy of the Judgment Entry. You will want to maintain this document in a place of safe-keeping, because if you need one again, you will need to go the Clerk’s office to obtain another certified copy.