Written By: Law offices of Zoller | Biacsi

In so many cases, I’ve come across this situation: we’re a week out from the final court date and we have everything complete except one very important thing – the Parenting Seminar.

The State of Ohio requires all divorcing parents to take some sort of module – specific by county – on parenting. Yes, you must complete this, usually before your final hearing. And unless you’re a native Spanish speaker or reside out of state, no classes are available online.

For those of you residing in Cuyahoga County, the court partners with a program called Beechbrook. More information can be found here: http://domestic.cuyahogacounty.us/pdf_domestic/en-US/Misc/Approved%20Parenting%20Programs.pdf

For those parents in Summit County, the Domestic Relations Court uses a program called “Remember the Children”. More information can be found on the court’s website, here: http://drcourt.org/wp/programs/

For Lake County parents, the court simply calls it the Parenting Education Parenting Seminar. Information is found directly on its website, here: http://www.lakecountyohio.gov/dr/Parenting.aspx

And for parents residing in Lorain County, the class is called “Seminar for Separating Parents” and is hosted by the court. Information is also on its website: http://www.loraincounty.com/domesticrelations/departments/department-family-court-services.shtml

It’s so easy to forget this step – you’ve got a separation agreement, shared parenting plan, pleadings, filings, and so many other things to be worried about. These classes are geared toward helping you to remember that the people who are going to be really impacted after your divorce are not just you and your spouse, but also your children. We recommend that you get these scheduled as soon as you can!