When a potential client contacts our office, they often think they need to file for divorce.  This is not always the best option.  There are several alternatives to filing and being stuck in the Court system.  One of those options is Mediation.

What is Mediation?

Mediation is an alternative dispute resolution process wherein the couple works with the mediator and she assists in facilitating an agreement.  The mediator does not make decisions.  The mediator gathers information from the couple, explains the law, and helps to generate options concerning dividing assets, support and parenting time.

How Does ZB Handle a Mediation and What Makes Us Different?

When I am working as a mediator, as part of the process, my clients are provided a workbook – In Two Homes or In More than Two Homes.  Each client is provided with their own workbook which is designed to provide insight into communication styles, hone in on each participants values and determine matters to each person and their future.  The workbooks also provide a detailed description of the law.  When the clients utilize this resource, as the mediator I am able to provide more support for each participant based on their specific needs.

Also, at ZB we utilize a software program, Family Law Software that categorizes the assets and liabilities.  This program is utilized during the sessions to assist a couple in determining how to divide their assets and liabilities taking into account the work that was generated as a result of workbooks.

As a mediator, my goal is to assist the couple in creating a vision for the future, resolving their issues and setting the stage for communication when co-parenting.  I believe that couples know what is best for them and their children and are best equipped to craft decisions for their future rather than a Judge.