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Are “Unbundled Services” Right for Me?


Written By: Lisa Fantone If you are reading this post, you may be exploring ways to limit your legal fees. Hiring a lawyer who offers unbundled legal services might be perfect for you.  Also known as ‘limited scope representation,’ unbundled legal services are just what it sounds like. You enter into an agreement with your [...]

Are “Unbundled Services” Right for Me?2020-09-25T09:37:35-05:00

Brave New Hope


Written By: Lisa Fantone I have a blended family, my kids belong to two blended families, I know friends and acquaintances that have blended families, and I work with blended families each day. It's a nice pretty-sounding word: BLENDED. All mushed up together, like a milkshake. Or maybe, a business-like blended, as in "integrated" or [...]

Brave New Hope2020-07-22T10:22:13-05:00

Unresolved Grief


Written By: Lisa Fantone As the person who accepts most of our potential client initial calls, I can assure you that I have heard more sad stories than you could ever imagine. I've had unwed fathers call about girlfriends who are scheduled for an abortion, and the fathers wonder if they have any rights to [...]

Unresolved Grief2020-07-22T10:22:19-05:00

Divorce and Dating (Or Keeping Your Attorney Fees Down)


Written By: Lisa Fantone When you are going through the process of divorce, is it “legal” to date other people?   Without a doubt, the very best advice is to wait until the divorce is final, even though that final day may seem so far off in the future.    If, however, you see things [...]

Divorce and Dating (Or Keeping Your Attorney Fees Down)2020-07-22T10:22:25-05:00

Fresh Starts


Written By: Lisa Fantone Sometimes, we all find ourselves ready to try something new, to do something different. After years of shopping at the same store, you might decide to try a new place. After months of the same haircut, you go a little crazy and get a different style completely. After days of silence [...]

Fresh Starts2020-07-22T10:22:31-05:00

Still on the Collaborative Path …


Written By: Lisa Fantone "Remember when we so badly wanted children?" he asked me a few days ago, after discussing some troubles we had been having with our now-teenaged son and daughter. We laughed. We've been divorced for almost six years, but we still have to talk about things, make arrangements for the kids and [...]

Still on the Collaborative Path …2020-07-22T10:22:36-05:00

The Right Time


Written By: Lisa Fantone Every so often, a potential client asks a question that is extremely difficult to answer with any specificity: “When is the right time to tell my husband/wife that I am thinking about divorce?” Indeed, many times I ask early in the phone conversation, “Does your spouse know you are calling us, [...]

The Right Time2020-07-22T10:22:47-05:00

Divorce: Litigation v. Collaborative Process


Written By: Lisa Fantone One of the toughest, and saddest, things to accept in any failed marriage is the culpability of both parties in the breakup of the family. Our firm represents both men and women, Plaintiffs and Defendants, those who have cheated and those who have been cheated on. We represent people accused of [...]

Divorce: Litigation v. Collaborative Process2020-07-22T10:22:52-05:00

How Will We Tell Our Kids?


Written By: Lisa Fantone When a divorce happens in a family, it is never just the married couple that is affected. The parents of the bride and groom, the siblings, the aunts and uncles, even the friends of the couple: all of these people are affected by divorce. Nearly everyone will eventually choose a "side," [...]

How Will We Tell Our Kids?2020-07-22T10:22:56-05:00

Interparental Hatred


Written By: Lisa Fantone "She's like the evil mastermind of a horror film." - Father with joint custody, separated five years "I hate him. I wish he were dead." - Mother with joint custody, separated four years Our firm's tagline is "Helping Families Through Transition," and with this in mind, we are adjusting our practice [...]

Interparental Hatred2020-07-22T09:54:00-05:00
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